Fair Trade Artisans Need Your Online Support To Thrive!

Dear Seasonal Fair Folk and Friends,

Your purchases are literally putting clean water and bread on the table, ensuring girls have equal opportunities for education, and helping marginalized people all over the world to help themselves through their own talent, creativity and hard work. We ensure the artists we work with worldwide are paid fairly and work in decent conditions. I encourage you to read the story of the artist who made your item, included on every single product page at SeasonalFair.com.

The artists and groups I buy from have also demonstrated their desire and ability to improve the lives of their families and communities, through providing work opportunities and community development and with a particular emphasis on women and girls rescue, education and access to business opportunities.

Now, at a time when retail shopping sales are shifting from brick and mortar to online purchases, our artist’s are suffering from dwindling sales. The desire to purchase fairly traded products is at an all time high and growing. In the last quarter of 2017, 16.9% of ALL purchases were made online, a number that is rapidly growing.

Know that when you shop at SeasonalFair.com and other Responsible Retailers, you are directly helping hundreds of artists and thousands in their communities. When you DON'T buy Certified Fair Trade, actual human beings are NOT benefiting from you purchases. No Pressure! YES, PRESSURE! Buy Certified Fair Trade for the sake of real humans who are counting on you to do so! Buy Certified Fair Trade because I need your help to get the money where it belongs.

Buy Certified Fair Trade because the products are all gift worthy, wonderful and unique. Buy Certified Fair Trade to put a girl in school. Buy Fair Trade so people can help themselves and need less aid. Buy Certified Fair Trade so parents can purchase vaccinations. Buy Certified Fair Trade because, deep in your heart, you know it is the best way to get what you need without potentially exploiting a child or anyone else. 

I am telling you the truth when I say that we cannot stay in business without your support. We realize that you have many choices online. We appreciate every Like and Share, but it is your purchase which supports these artists. So thank you for supporting us and other responsible retailers. Please share the word that buying fairly online, as well as in person, is critical to the health and well-being of so many of our fair trade artisans and suppliers.

And if you can't find what you want at SeasonalFair.com, email me at linda@seasonalfair.com and I will help you find a fair trade retailer to match your needs. Also, please send me your suggestions of other Certified Fair Trade Retailers, both online and off, as I am compiling a list, to be published in a few days and with the intention of growing as large as possible!

A better future for everyone is just a matter of taking one right step. Then take the next right step. Eventually, all of these steps will take us to our brighter future. Thank you for taking this step with us and supporting us and other ethical retailers!
                                                           Be Fair - Buy Fair Online, Every time!

Linda Kay Gifford, founder/owner Seasonal Fair LLC and SeasonalFair.com

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