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Core Values And Beliefs stands with immigrants:

- for Dreamers and their families

- for those seeking asylum

- for the reasonably vetted, yet fair and free entry of all peoples from all nations,     ethnic backgrounds and religions into the United States of America

- for the reunification of immigrant families whose children have been forcibly separated from them at the United States border supports and encourages the growth and development of

the H(hetero-) LGBTQ community and encourages a universal society where

personal realization of each human being’s discovered and/or chosen gender

identity is the right and quest of all people. We envision a universal community

where humans are free to love humans and labeled distinctions like HLGBT and

Q are irrelevant.

 Regarding Politics:

   I am certain that America's greatness lies strictly in its commitment to

improving the lives and expanding the individual liberties of all peoples. Viewed

from the perspective of "the good old days"... There never were good old days for

the ones we oppressed within our own borders. We have always been, and can

only be, "Great" by resolving to continue to refine and improve all people's health,

well-being and individual liberties.

     It is my express purpose and intent to use my business, Seasonal Fair and as a forum to advance the cause of fairness and improved

human conditions worldwide by purchasing only 100% certified fair trade goods

from only 100% certified fair trade artisans and suppliers. I sleep better at night

knowing that I am making my own living and increasing people's well-being by

highly curating and bringing you only the finest products available. But I can't do

it without you. So thank you for supporting and other

responsible retailers.

                                     Linda Gifford, owner/founder